Die Fledermaus, or The Bat Bites Back

a new libretto in English

by David Scott Marley
adapted from the original libretto in German by Karl Haffner and Richard Genée
music by Johann Strauss II from his opera Die Zauberflöte

Gabriel von Eisenstein — a respectable and ambitious bank director — has concealed his roguish past from his wife, Rosalinde. She in turn has not told him about the dashing tenor who has her lover before they met. On their first anniversary, a practical joke by an old friend has them crashing an extravagant “fantasy ball” given by the eccentric Prince Orlofsky of Russia. At the lavish and decadent party, the von Eisensteins — as well as their chambermaid, the ex-lover, and the warden of the Vienna Jail — become entangled in a growing web of deceit and disguises. This adaptation is set in Vienna of the 1890s (the original libretto is set in the 1870s), adding some fin-de-siécle spice to this much-loved comedy.

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