Performance history

David Scott Marley’s Stories by Hoffmann was first presented (under the title The Tales of Hoffmann) on 17 July 1999 by Berkeley Opera in the Julia Morgan Center for the Arts. The cast was as follows (in some roles, two performers alternated during the run):

Olympia, Antonia, Giulietta & Stella (soprano) Jillian Khuner & Eileen Morris
Andrea & Cochenille (soprano) Paige Rogers
The Muse & Nicklaus (mezzo-soprano) Elspeth Franks & Margaret Lisi
Luther’s wife & Antonia’s mother (mezzo-soprano) Rosalee Szabo
E. T. A. Hoffmann (tenor) Lee Gregory & John Swenson
Dr. Spalanzani (tenor) Andrew Morgan
Nathaniel (tenor) Matt Lecar
Lindorf, Coppola, Dr. Miracle & Dapertutto (baritone) Jo Vincent Parks
Luther & Krespel (baritone) Wayne Wong
Herrmann & Pitichinaccio (baritone) Michael Mohammed
Frantz & Peter Schlemil (spoken) David Mendelsohn
Luther’s daughter (silent) Daphne Dyer

The conductors were Jonathan Khuner and Lisa Riley. The stage director was James Russell Blackwood. The chorus was directed by Lee Escandon. Scenic and lighting design were by Kip March. Costume design was by Keri Fitch. Choreography was by Michael Mohammed. Production manager was Adrien Siragusa.

A revised version of the libretto was first presented on 28 February 2009 by Berkeley Opera in the Julia Morgan Center for the Arts. The cast was as follows:

Olympia, Antonia, Giulietta & Stella (soprano) Angela Cadelago
The Muse & Nicklaus (mezzo-soprano) Nora Lennox Martin
Luther’s wife & Antonia’s mother (mezzo-soprano) Sara Couden
E. T. A. Hoffmann (tenor) Adam Flowers
Andres, Dr. Spalanzani, Frantz & Pitichinaccio (tenor) George Arana
Nathaniel (tenor) Alexander Frank
Lindorf, Coppola, Dr. Miracle & Dapertutto (baritone) Paul Christopher Murray
Luther, Cochenille, Krespel & Peter Schlemil (baritone) Wayne Wong
Herrmann (baritone) Brian M. Rosen
Luther’s daughter (silent) Patricia Prewitt

The conductor was Ernest F. Knell. The stage director was Phil Lowery. The chorus was directed by Susan Swerdlow and Hadley McCarroll. Scenic design and props were by Alex Sardelich. Lighting design was by Robert T. Anderson. Costume design was by Emilica Beahm. Choreography was by Kelcey Jay Poe. Production manager was Alex Kort.