from the 2012 West Edge Opera production of The Manga Flute

From the San Francisco Classical Voice, 4 March 2012:
“Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!”

David Scott Marley’s The Manga Flute, a new English adaptation in Japanese comic style, is bold, outlandish, delectable entertainmenta must-see Flute ….

[Marley’s] singing libretto is a thing of wonder; whatever the new text may be, the English is mimicking the sound of the German original to perfection.

From Repeat Performances, 4 March 2012:
“A great fit for young audiences”

… a poetic and fanciful English libretto by David Scott Marley … not only a success, but surprising in the scope of its originality.

From the San Francisco Chronicle, 12 March 2012:
“Thoroughly charming”

Chief among the pleasures of the piece is the sleek virtuosity of Marley’s English libretto, which — like his many previous efforts for the company — turns the foreign-language original into a faithful, witty and effortlessly naturalistic translation. The rhymes all fall where they should and the sense of the text remains intact — and all without any impression of strain.